Our Adoption Journey

Get to Know Us

We are Brian and Sarah.  We are young.  We are ‘freshly’ married (in a hot air balloon!) in 2009.  We thought we were waiting patiently to grow our family through domestic infant adoption.  We were wrong. We were waiting to bring home the sweetest, funniest and most charismatic little two year old boy we have ever met. He was adopted from foster care, though we were not foster parents first. We brought him home in February 2010 and finalized his adoption August 2010. We waited only 6.5 weeks from the day we found out about little man (through a mutual friend of the foster family) until the day he came home. We wanted to build forts, read bedtime stories, play princesses and super heros, paint, and go on exciting vacations….and now we do. We knew God had a perfect plan for our family and we trusted that He would see it through. He has. And we know that one day, he will bring us another little ‘mini pooper’ to love, too.

**Update- We never dreamed that ‘one day’ would come so soon. We went active on our agency’s foster/adopt list in November 2010. FOUR hours later we received a call to come pick up a newborn baby boy. We are currently his foster parents, but pray that one day soon we will be able to adopt him as well. So if you are new here and trying to do the math…YES, that is two kids in one year! We are shocked, amazed, and holding on for what is sure to be a bumpy ride!

This blog chronicled our first adoption journey. Then it became a little about parenting our little man, a journal for us to look back on and A LOT of mommy bragging! That will all stay, but now we will chronicle our second foster/adoption journey. It is our hope that our story can help another family on their road to becoming a family.


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  1. Sue

    Sarah, would you be willing to let me email you offline and ask some questions? We are also on a domestic infant adoption path and have been presented with an opportunity that is not a newborn – I would love to chat with you about your experience if that is possible and you are willing? You can email me at sue at ivftraveler dot com

    March 17, 2011 at 2:10 pm

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