Our Adoption Journey

Lucky Day

Never would have dreamed that GroundHog day could be such a great day! Exactly one year ago today we got the official word that LittleMan would be coming home to be our forever son!

Today, we got a call from BabyMan’s caseworker saying that his biological father’s family has been located and that none of them are interested in parenting him or being a resource. Up until today, they were our biggest fear/threat/hurdle. If any of them were “fit and willing” relatives they would have the primary right to adopt him. However, today they are telling us that we don’t need to be worried about that. This lifts a HUGE burden off our shoulders. Up until now, that was our biggest fear. At this point, we aren’t too concerned that TummyMom is ever going to be in a situation where she could adequately parent him. The courts are in agreement and have already changed his primary goal to Adoption, rather than Reunification. They had up to 15 months to make that decision so the fact that they have made it so quickly is very positive for us.

All good news on our end! LittleMan said it best today, completely unprovoked or unprompted:

“Mama, I am sooooo lucky”

Why are you lucky LittleMan?

“Because I am a big brudder!”


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